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Max Crus (aka Simon Hughes)

Wine Articles - Blog - Columnist -Max Crus Australia

Who is Max Crus?

Max Crus has been writing about wine for 25 years and drinking it for longer than he cares to remember. His weekly wine reviews are juxtaposed with what’s got on his goat that week but somehow he manages to tie it all together in entertaining, thought-provoking fashion.

Max is light hearted, chatty and irreverent observations and reviews now appear in approximately...

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Headaches - a pain in the neck.

I just wanted to share my pain, an essential part of the healing process according to psychologists, which actually does segue nicely to marketing...

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Pick-up lines and wines.

Etiquette, like logic, is a very individual thing. Regrettably my dog agrees. Grunt quickly cottoned on to me...

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Steam me up, Scotty.

Scotty from Marketing, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. What the bloody hell were you thinking? Okay, you don’t have any formal marketing qualifications, so sorry to remind you and renew the ignominy by bringing up...

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Got to make the best of next week.

This was to be a best of 2020 column, but then it dawned what a sad day is ahead of us this week. Yes, by this time next week, Donald Trump will...

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