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Did someone say “I don’t care”…about dying? (Column No.1456)

Did someone say “I don’t care”…about dying? (Column No.1456)

Did someone say “I don’t care”…about dying?

Heard on the radio the other day that Jim’s Restaurants, bars, hairdressers and cinemas will be allowed to open again. Not sure why his restaurants were singled out but they’re only open to the fully vaxxed, which is vexed, and has divided the nation.

Well, big whoop.

Australia has always been a divided country : Black, white, state versus state, rich and poor, Labor and Liberal, Nationals and common sense, ABC v Sky, Netflix V Stan, Science V Facebook, Collingwood and…well, all the others.

So why should we expect any different when it comes to vaccination or more importantly the ‘freedoms’ that should endow?

However we, the self-righteous, vaccinated silent majority, perhaps should take a more understanding approach to those who don’t get it - the vaccine that is, not the science behind it, although to those who don’t get it because they “don’t know what’s in it”, Ms L provides the perfect retort – “What? Have they never had KFC?”

But that’s another story, and of course we’re not getting an intramuscular injection of completely untried and untested trans fats and sugar by some poorly trained doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. We are merely handing over our hard earned to some highly trained, pimply 17-year-old on $3 an hour and shovelling it in our gobs ourselves.

No one’s forcing us, which is just as well because it would likely be illegal to encourage someone take that stuff, except via cleverly disguised, subtle advertising.

But I digress. The real issue is why shouldn’t people who don’t get it be allowed to run freely with the rest of us at Jim’s Restaurants, cinemas and footy matches?

Sure, they’ll spread the plague amongst us for ages but eventually they’ll die out like dinosaurs, won’t they?

Well, yes, but in the lead up to carking it in a paroxysm of pain and spasming suffocation they will cost society an absolute bomb by spending two weeks in intensive care thus denying beds to those who really need them because of underlying medical conditions caused by eating KFC all their lives.

Which highlights a deeper problem here, those who don’t get it, likely eat KFC too thus doubling their chances of ending up in ICU, which paradoxically provides us with a beautiful solution, just put the vaccine in KFC.

One way or the other then, we halve the load on ICU. Hard-core denialists will stop eating KFC while those who don’t will stop getting covid.

Now, what’s a nice wine to go with KFC…or covid? Oh, it's gyms, bars and restaurants...I get it.

Howard Park Margaret River Allingham Chardonnay 2018, $89. Perfect wine for KFC, brighter and sharper than you might expect from a chardonnay at this price point. It'll cut through eleven different herbs and spices beautifully. 9.6/10.

Marchand and Burch Mount Barker Chardonnay 2018, $78. From the same parents as the chardonnay above, it's not surprising that these are, um, surprisingly similar wines, both of which I really wanted to leave for another five years but we just couldn't wait. Excellent wine, no doubt even excellenter in 2026. 9.6/10.

Mr Mick Clare Valley Tempranillo 2018, $17. A bit light as Clare reds go, so have it with KFC rather than Maccas, or maybe at a lunch barbie rather than dinner. 8.9/10.

Mr Mick Clare Valley Riesling 2021, $17. What a clever price for a bottle of wine. Sounds cheap enough to buy lots but exxy enough to be good wine, specially a riesling. 9.2/10.

Tahbilk Ngambie Lakes Grenache Mourvédre Rosé 2021, $21.50. Last year's version was a delight and given our passion for the pink nowadays, this is even better. 9.3/10.

Tahbilk Ngambie Lakes Viognier 2021, $20.60. You know viognier has become mainstream when even Ms L. wants one. A range of fruits you don't see elsewhere, although Ms L. reckons passionfruit. I was thinking more peaches. Now there's a fun game for the whole family. 9.4/10.