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You're only as old as the litter you pick up (Column No.1478)

You're only as old as the litter you pick up

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Open the podcast door Hal…

Open the podcast door Hal...

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Testing, one two three (Column No.1469)

It's a testing time for the truth in Covidland

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Santa Claus is coming to...(Column No.1465)

...a supermarket near you.

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I'm dreaming of an Insta' Xmas. (Column No.1466)

Xmas shopping has never been so...instant.

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Minutes to midnight (Column No.1467)

Is there time to save the world?

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Those were the days my friend...(Column No.1468)

...we wish they'd end

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Pick-up lines and wines.

Etiquette, like logic, is a very individual thing. Regrettably my dog agrees. Grunt quickly cottoned on to me...

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Steam me up, Scotty.

Scotty from Marketing, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. What the bloody hell were you thinking?

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