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Tis the season to be grumpy.

Tis the season to be grumpy.

I’m so grumpy at myself.

I had the best New Years resolution ready to go and forgot to make it on the night.

Is it still valid? Will it still work or is it like April Fools with an expiry time?

Dang, bugger, dash.

Anyway, my fabulous resolution was to not be so grumpy in 2021.

I will try not to get grumpy that my sister not only doesn’t believe in climate change and still thinks Trump won the election but, I only just discovered, thinks Covid-19 is a government ploy to control us.

Okay, yes, the latter is true. But the government is trying to control us because mostly we're idiots, won’t wear masks, think that parties are a God given right (if you believe in that sort of thing, which on the whole deniers do), that alternative facts are okay if they suit you, and that anyway it’s all Bill Gates' doing.

Actually I am not grumpy that my sister believes all those things, but I am trying hard not to be grumpy that she’s my sister. Not much I can do about that except maybe ask Mum and Dad if there’s any chance that after all these years it isn’t true.

Elsewhere, I have decided not to be grumpy at Apple, Samsung and Microsoft for making me do updates which bugger just about everything I have only just begun to understand and enjoy.

I have decided not to get grumpy at electricity providers for doubling their daily service charge two weeks after I swap to them because the last lot bumped theirs up.

I won’t get angry, I’lll get even by changing suppliers, again, and try not to get grumpy that it will take hours because of the convoluted way electricity is marketed.

Equally, I am not going to get grumpy on the road, grumpy because our dog costs heaps in vet bills, grumpy because Ms L. leaves all the lights on, grumpy because the coffee shop doesn’t really understand iced-latte, grumpy my sister believes Trump and not her brother actually I’m still grumpy about that.

Gee, that resolution didn’t last long and neither did this one :

Streicker Margaret River ëNysaí, Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015, $120. (Bottle No.1571 of 1910). Streicker off my Xmas list seems appropriate for Sisí, or maybe I should just offer her one of these to change her mind. A ëNysaí cabernet would be hard to find. Google Nysa too. 9.7/10.

Paracombe Adelaide Hills Caretaker Cabernet 2016, $65. You know when you feel like a soft red on a soft couch in front of a soft, open fire? Call the caretaker and see whatís in the cellar. Better start advertising for a caretaker. 9.4/10.

Paracombe Adelaide Hills V5 Gr˙ner 2018, $23. Now here's an inventive name, sounds very NASA. Indeed the wine is pretty inventive too...Gruner Veltliner 61%, Riesling 16%,  Gewurztraminer 9%, Pinot Gris 9% and Pinot Blanc 5%. 9.3/10.

Mount Majura Canberra District Tempranillo, 2018, $48. Temp is Mount Majura's specialty, they make about a hundred different ones, so you better start soon. 9.2/10.

Mount Majura Riesling 2020, $29. Flagrantly and fragrantly fruity but not any fragrance you'd get in Clare or Tassie, it's a (delicious) world of its own, the ACT. 9.4/10.

Alkoomi WA Twelve Rows Malbec 2018, $40.83. A lot of winemakers don't like malbec because it can be so sweet (for a red) which is exactly why I like it. No, not because winemakers don't. This is generous in all things red including sweetness. Delish. 9.4/10.

Grape Expectations by Max Crus (Column No.1411)